• Johnny Brenda's / Swollen Fox Anniversary Show


    This Saturday night, we here at The Swollen Fox will be celebrating 5 years of music blogging. To help us do so, The Lawsuits, Commonwealth Choir and Lou have agreed to lead the party at Johnny Brenda’s. We’re thrilled to have all three bands on the bill—we’ve already discussedCommonwealth Choir and Lou. Today I’d like to tell you a little about the headliner, The Lawsuits. Read on below and get your tickets for Saturday’s show here.

    For the past few years, The Lawsuits has been one of the hardest working bands in Philadelphia. Since 2012, the quintet has released 3 EPs and a full-length debut, 2013’sCool Cool Cool, while touring tirelessly. And over those years, it’s been a pleasure as a fan to watch The Lawsuits grow. The very first thing I ever wrote about this band, here, said the sound could “be broadly described as Americana.” Perhaps accurate back then (perhaps not), but certainly far too simplistic now. As our Wendy McCardle would later describe:

    The Lawsuits are so much more than the folk-blues Americana act I believed them to be. While it’s difficult to not immediately draw comparisons to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers or The Black Crowes, particularly when describing singer Brian Dale Allen Strouse, the band proved their range stretches far past Americana, reaching into pop, gospel, jazz and perhaps even a little reggae. They create the kind of music that every band touting the neo-Americana label only wishes they could create.

    What began as a trio—when Brian Dale Allen Strouse, Vanessa Winters and Brendan Cunningham met at Temple—has blossomed into a powerful five-piece, rounded out by Josh Friedman and Joe Bisirri. Each member is exquisitely talented and their collective chemistry together is unmatched. Their music is at once unpredictable and invigorating—as refreshing as a long sip of cold beer on a hot summer day.

    The magic of The Lawsuits only gets better when experienced live. Three different writers, myself included, have covered a Lawsuits show for this site (herehere and here) and we’ve all been blown away. And this upcoming show, we’ll be lucky enough for that experience to include new music. So come witness the versatile musical talent of The Lawsuits this Saturday, and make sure you don’t miss openers Commonwealth Choir and Lou.

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